Spatialytics involvement in different projects, mainly with the Public sector both in Canada and abroad, has made possible (and sometimes mandatory) the sharing of some development works.

This micro-site is a download page for a "client-server mapping platform" project. This project can be considered complementary to GeoKettle and GeoMondrian from our team and precedent work from Pentaho (generic versions of Kettle and Mondrian) and the GeoSOA team in Laval University, Canada (2002-2014).

Here, you have acces to all the open source code of the "client-server mapping platform" except for one of the core component, called Spatialytics FUSION, a proprietary piece of GeoBI technology from Spatialytics Solutions inc. (2009-2014) fusing OLAP and OLTP data sources, spatial or not.

You can contact Spatialytics to get more information and to purchase licence of FUSION.


The present package is licensed under the terms of the Apache license version 2.0.

Source code

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